University Of Glasgow

We have a few connections with the University of Glasgow in a range of departments from Engineering through to botany. The botany department is one of the oldest and most prominent in Scotland and the UK. I’m writing about this course here to explain a recent success story because it shows the different angles the group can help with.
Jane Middleman moved to Paisley, Glasgow a year ago with her husband after his work took him to Glasgow for a minimum 4 year stint. Jane had been working as a botanist for a USA research group studying diseases on native northern american pines. Her work was highly specialized and there were potential parallels with current research work in the UK. …. But she had not yet completed her degree in the USA. We put her in touch with a contact at Glasgow University in the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences. In the end she was able to complete her degree at the University of Glasgow studying Molecular and Cellular Biology (with Plant Science) BSc Hons. by just including a couple of extra modules.
Through the University she had lined up work in a UK arboricultural disease study funded by the Scottish Forestry Commission
To top this off, once she was in her new role as a team leader on the research project she needed some hard working field worker who could travel the country collecting data and samples. She posted the work requirements in our Facebook group and instantly found two people perfect for the work.
There are some peculiarities when completing or upgrading qualifications done in different universities in different countries but it is sometimes possible to find workable solutions.
This is true for college qualifications or national certifications for skilled work such as electricians. Often the work required to gain the equivalent qualification in Scotland can be fast tracked as so many skilled and knowledge is transferable.


We have been asked for a while now to put up a website so here it is! Basically this is to help people find us who want to be added to the Facebook group. Whether you are looking for training or employment or information about either then just get in touch here and we’ll hook you up.

The Facebook group has a lot of experienced people and when one of the moderators or myself don’t have an answer then more often than not someone in the group will be able to help or point you in the right direction.

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